Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers are new to car leasing, and understandably they have queries, here you'll find some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. Of course if your query is not answered here, contact our friendly team who'll be happy to help.

6+36 is the rental profile. In summary, it would mean a 36 month agreement, with the initial rental equivalent to 6 times the monthly rental followed by 35 monthly rentals. For example, if the rental was £100 per month, the initial rental would be £600 followed by 35 rentals of £100. For a more detailed explanation simply call one of our team.

GB Car Leasing unlike most of our competitors do not charge any fees, administration, processing or other for setting up and supporting you while you're customer of ours. We do request a fully refundable £500 deposit upon confirmation of your order.

Unfortunately not. You will be credit checked and all our leasing agreements require a good credit history. If you're unsure then please contact us to discuss further. We wouldn't be able to supply you a vehicle if you're presently in an IVA or recently bankrupt.

No, as a lease is a financial agreement you'll need to be 18 or over to lease a car, you'll also need a full driving licence. If you've only recently turned 18, you might not have much or any credit history- so it may be that the choice of vehicles is limited to lower value cars. There is no upper age limit for most finance companies for a car lease.

No, we're not able to supply cars for hire or reward, such as being hired out, used as a courtesy car, or for private hire/taxi purposes.

We do have access to driving instructor offers, due to their specialist nature we do not advertise prices, please contact us for more information.

In most cases, yes! The majority of agreements we offer on business contract hire and personal contract hire include road tax (or VED as it's officially known) for the duration of the lease- you don't need to do anything, the finance company will tax it for you. Some agreements, such as operating lease, or contract purchase agreements may not.

Yes, you are able to nominate the leasing company on your retention document, which will allow you ro place the cherished plate on your vehicle for the duration of your lease. Some finance companies charge an administration fee for this, please contact us for more information.

Generally no, however there may be charges for example if you are making a change to your agreement, you are fined (for example parking fines or speeding offences) or require something that's not included as part of the lease, such as foreign travel documentation- this list is not exhaustive, contact us for full information.

A DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is a device fitted to the exhaust system of many new diesel cars. It's there to reduce the amount of harmful particulate that's emitted from the tailpipe. They perform this function well, but if the vehicle is used predominately at low speeds, for example city driving- they can pose problems and become blocked. In our experience, some manufacturers vehicles are more prone to suffer from blocked DPFs than others. It's important to consider this when you choose your next car, petrol cars are more efficient than ever and offer a reliable alternative. You can, but speak to us for guidance before making your decision!

Not presently. We don't offer used cars, all of our vehicles are brand new and UK sourced. However, this is something we're exploring, watch this space!

No, we focus our expertise on offering the best new car leasing pricing and service we can. There are many easy ways to sell your used car such as car buying services, online marketplaces and classified advertising.

All of our funding partners will collect the initial rental by Direct Debit. This usually happens within 7-10 days of delivery taking place. You don't have to pay this upfront. Unfortunately your not able to pay it by credit card, it must be collected by Direct Debit from the bank account nominated on the finance application.

No, the Direct Debit must be collected from the account of the individual or business named on the lease agreement. Joint accounts are acceptable.

Yes! Before you go, you'll need to request a VE103/Green Card from the finance company- these are usually valid for 12 months. There may be a small administration charge for this document.

If this happens, after the vehicle is collected you'll be charged by the mile (pence per mile). We will make you aware of the excess mileage price before delivery, it will also be noted on your leasing agreement. Some agreements allow mileage amendments during the contract so if your circumstances change you can adjust your mileage (this will usually adjust your monthly rental) to avoid excess mileage charges at the end of the contract. For further details, contact our admin team.

Many contracts can be amended, such as making changes to mileage limits. It's important to note that not all contracts can be amended, it does vary by funder and by product so please contact us for details.

You can end your agreement early, in most cases, this isn't possible without charge- you would usually need to early terminate your existing agreement before taking out a new contract. We can request an early termination quote for you during your contract.

Maintenance includes the routine servicing, MOT (once the vehicle becomes over 3 years old from registration), batteries, exhausts, consumables and one of the largest, often unbudgeted costs; tyres.  

Your leased car or van will come with the full manufacturers warranty, just like it would if you bought it from a main dealer.

If you have chosen a maintenance inclusive contract, simply call the relevant driver line, (We'll let you know the details when your contract begins) who'll arrange the service for you. If you elect to cover the service costs yourself, you can take it to any main dealer, or: under block exemption rules you can take it to any VAT registered garage who uses manufacturer approved parts and in accordance with the manufacturers schedule to preserve the vehicle warranty. Make sure before you have it serviced they can do this for you.

We'll contact you well in advance of the expiry date to discuss your options. Many customers choose to replace their car for another new one, you could also opt to extend the lease, or simply arrange for the car to be collected.

The funders we use don't expect a car to come back in showroom condition, a degree of wear and tear is to be expected! Typically, small scuffs to wheels, small dents and some stone chipping won't attract any charges. Large damage outside of expected wear and tear should ideally be repaired before the vehicle is returned to avoid unwelcome bills- however, you can choose not to- in which case you'll be invoiced accordingly. For further details and examples of acceptable wear and tear, ask for information when you make your enquiry.