End of Contract Check List

Approximately 6 months away from the end of your contract you can expect to hear from us. We will be in touch to discuss your end of contract options. In summary these are:

Hand the vehicle back and take a new lease contract with us

Arrange alternative transport elsewhere

In some circumstances you may be able to extend the contract

Collection Process

When the time comes to arrange collection please call us with a preferred date, contact name & number, and a location to arrange the collection from. We typically require 7 days to book in collections but this can extend during peak and holiday periods.

Please take the time to read through the checklist below in advance of sending your vehicle back:

Repairs – Consult the wear and tear policy. If there is anything that requires repair it will always be cheaper for you to carry out the work prior to sending the vehicle back.

Maintenance – Ensure that the vehicle is road worthy, that there are no warning lights and that servicing and MOTs have been carried out if necessary.

Contents – Ensure that you have emptied the vehicle of all of your personal belongings. Also please make sure that everything that should be in the vehicle is still there (both sets of keys, locking wheel nuts, inflation kits, etc…)

Cleanliness – Although not a requirement it is helpful to have the vehicle valeted prior to sending back. This means that you can inspect the vehicle yourself thoroughly and won’t miss any damage due to being obscured by dirt.

Cherished Plates – If the vehicle has a cherished plate (private registration plate) please ensure that you go through the process to remove this well in advance of the end of contract date. This can take up to 6 week in some situations.

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