Volvo to end production of diesel cars within months

'In a few months from now, the last diesel-powered Volvo car will have been built, making Volvo Cars one of the first legacy car makers to take this step,' the Swedish company said in a statement.

However, while other countries will be able to snap-up a new diesel Volvo between now and the start of the new year, Britons will struggle to get their hands on one today.

That's because all diesel engine options have already been scrubbed from the car maker's vehicle line-up.

Majority owned by China's Geely, Volvo in 2021 set a line in the sand with a commitment to going fully electric by 2030.

However, since then it has gradually been reducing diesel engine options across its thinning model range. 

While a majority of the cars Volvo sold in Europe were diesel as recently as 2019, in 2022 they made up just 8.9 per cent of its total sales.

In August 33 per cent of Volvo's sales were fully-electric or hybrid models. 

However, the company did not break out how many of the remaining 67 per cent combustion-engine models were diesel and how many ran on petrol.

And while customers in other markets might still be able to get their hands on the last batch of diesel Volvos being made, Britons won't.

According to Autocar, the Swedish company has already quietly ditched the last of its diesel models from its UK line-up from the beginning of September.

It means Volvo buyers can now only get their hands on a full-electric, plug-in hybrid and mild-hybrid petrol model. 

The brand made its announcement regarding the termination of diesels on Tuesday at Climate Week NYC.

It came a day before Rishi Sunak confirmed he will postpone the ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars by five years from 2030 to 2035.

With the deadline now moved, it means Volvo will pre-empt the outlawing of new diesel cars by 11 years. 

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