Councils call for ban on pavement parking across England

The Local Government Association (LGA) says more powers need to be given to local authorities to enforce parking to make our streets safer and 'tackle the scourge' of drivers who prevent access for those in mobility scooters, wheelchairs and children in buggies.

The demand for enforcement powers comes more than three years after the Department for Transport wrapped up a consultation into pavement parking, which has seen no action taken as a result. Often, when motorists park partially - and sometimes fully - on the pavement, it is due to how narrow a road is.

By putting at least two wheels on the footpath, drivers provide more room for other motorists to pass through tight spaces, reducing the likelihood of vehicle-to-vehicle damage as well as traffic delays.

However, this often has a detrimental impact for pedestrians - especially those with mobility issues.

The LGA says older and disabled people, as well as parents with pushchairs and younger children, are regularly forced to navigate around vehicles which are mounted on the kerb or across the footway.

By doing so, it puts these pedestrians at greater risk when stepping into the road and oncoming traffic. 

The association says this presents arguably the greatest hazard to blind and partially sighted people.