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Industry in Review

Posted on 4th of January, 2018 by Nathan

With all the negative press of a decline in new car sales we wanted to share our insight to help give you our take on where the market it. It’s true that UK new car sales dropped 5.7% in 2017, but bear in mind from 2011-2016 there was a 38.7% increase in new car sales. There are a number of potential reasons why the market changed direction in 2017...

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How much does it really cost?

Posted on 16th of January, 2018 by Nathan

For anyone who’s ever leased before you’ll know that often there’s the advertised price, and then the actual price… Then there’s the brokerage fee, road tax, delivery & collection, etc… The list goes on. Here at GB Car Leasing we try to make things as simple and straight forwards as possible. To do that, we don’t charge any additional fees and all...

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